"The Genesis call monitoring service, with its user friendly online review system, has been a key factor in ensuring our switchboard consistently operates to its optimum ability and provides quality customer service."
Mystery Shopping Visits

E-mail Mystery Shopping

The reality is that most of us communicate electronically. Yet how do your staff deal with those emails?

There needs to be a certain degree of professionalism, yet at the same time remaining personal, approachable and not too cold and detached.

Genesis can target your key contact points with mystery shopper emails, assessing such things as speed of answer, quality of communication, writing style, grammar, spelling… the list goes on.

You are able to determine and address any weak points and the nature of the weaknesses, ensuring your customers receive a quality service.

Reception Mystery Shopping

Like the telephone, a visitor’s first impressions are formed quickly and are crucial in their assessment of your organisation.

Are surroundings neat and tidy? Are reception staff alert and attentive? How is the visitor treated?

Don’t wait for the complaint. Be proactive and find out.

Genesis mystery shoppers are here to help..